1. Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, you don't need to see a doctor first before coming to see me.  In some circumstances, I may ask you to see the doctor first, so just ask me when you book your appointment.  If you have already seen a doctor, please bring along any scans, reports or letters from the doctor.
The following areas do require a doctor's referral:
Veteran's Affairs
CTP (Third Party Insurance) or other insurance
Medicare Care Plan (EPC - Enhanced Primary Care Plan) or CDM (Chronic Disease Management Plan)

2. What do I need to bring to my first consultation?

If you have any scans or blood test results, please bring them along. If you have a long list of medications that you’re taking but can’t remember what they are, please bring along a written list. If you do have a doctor’s referral, please bring that along too.

3. Can I claim my treatments on private health fund?

I am recognised by the health funds for each of the individual areas that I offer treatment: Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine. This means that you can claim for each of these areas if you received treatment from these areas. This means that your gap payment may be a smaller amount if you are claiming for more than one type of treatment that you received. Of course, this depends on whether your health fund offers cover for each of these treatment modalities.

4. What are the payment facilities available?

There are EFTPOS facilities at the clinic.  You can pay by: bank card or credit card.  If you prefer, you can also pay by cash.

5. What are the payment facilities available if I have private health fund?

You can make health fund claims on the spot through our HICAPS facility. This means that your health fund rebate is automatically deducted and you only need to pay for any gap by cash, bank card or credit card.  This saves you from doing paperwork & having to send in your claim.

6. Can I claim from Medicare for any of my treatments?

Medicare has a scheme in place called: EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) or CDM (Chronic Disease Management) Plan which allows for 5 Physiotherapy consultations per calendar year claimable under Medicare.  You do require a referral from your GP to this clinic.  Medicare pays $54.60 per consultation. If you have a pension card, all 5 consultations are charged at the pensioner rates ($100 for Initial Consultation and $80 for Follow-up Consultations) and the Medicare portion of $54.60 goes back to your bank account. Thus, your gap payment for the Initial Consultation will be $45.40 and $25.40 for the 4 Follow-up Consultations. If you don't have a pension card, all 5 consultations will be charged at full-fee with the Medicare portion of $54.60 going back to your bank account. The Medicare portion can be claimed/refunded automatically on the spot using the HICAPS facility.