Are you in pain and want to be pain free?

Physiotherapy addresses the underlying causes of pain – whether they’re from the muscles, joints or nerves. I use an array of treatment techniques (manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture) and exercise programmes to correct the underlying problem. The techniques are scientifically based to achieve optimal results. The assessment and treatment are hands-on and one-on-one. Rest assured that you won’t be left in the room with a heat pack while I treat 5 other patients at the same time.

The Holistic Approach

In my Holistic clinic, I do a thorough assessment of the underlying cause of your condition before proceeding to treat your condition in a holistic way. The assessment can be a combination of scientifically based physiotherapy diagnosis and the scientifically proven ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine. I often combine the use of physiotherapy with acupuncture as I find that this produces the best results – the shortest recovery time so that you can get back to your everyday activities of working, sports, gardening or looking after the kids.

I’m scared of needles……

I know that there are needle-phobes out there and that’s ok. Combining physiotherapy and acupuncture is what I advocate and you can opt out of the acupuncture part if you prefer. Due to my experience in this area, you can still benefit from the rapid results achieved from physiotherapy alone.

Go to the Acupuncture section to find out the benefits and why it’s not as scary as you think.

“Homework”? Must I?

Be prepared to do some “homework” exercises after your treatment – ie stretching or strengthening exercises. These are prescribed to complement your treatment sessions so that it may help with the gains you’ve made during your treatment.

These days, everyone is busy. That’s why you’re only given a maximum of two exercises to do at any given period. I don’t believe in exercise sheets of 10 exercises that may take you an hour to do in one sitting. I rather that you do the manageable number of exercises than be overwhelmed by the many exercises that you may not have time to do. Your exercise programme is constantly reviewed and is modified as needed so that your exercises can be progressed as your condition improves.